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New corporate design after 22 years

Berlin-based diagnostic company SIFIN Institut für Immunpräparate und Nährmedien GmbH Berlin is introducing a new corporate design after 22 years.

The new image concept of sifin diagnostics gmbh is more vibrant, modern and international, including a new logo. The new slogan, “diagnostics with passion”, focuses clearly on the company’s sphere of activity and on the strong commitment of its employees.

sifin diagnostics gmbh offers more than 600 standard products in the area of microbiology and immunology. Beside this we are proud of our flexibility in special requests. We thus provide culture media according to your formulation, or we take care of your cell line. Our monoclonal antibodies may be supplied in your required format as ready-to-use, concentrate or bulk volumes.

The company has an excellent reputation thanks to its great flexibility and reliability in the fulfilment of specific customer requests. sifin diagnostics gmbh is a trusted supplier and competent contact for many companies all over the world.

Our Products

The full product range
is available here as well:

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In 2014:

MICRONAUT system from MERLIN Diagnostics GmbH worldwide exclusively at sifin diagnostics gmbh.

Blood grouping serology

Blood grouping for every format

Our experience in development and production of monoclonal antibodies for blood grouping has a long history. Since more than 20 years we are working with monoclonal antibodies for blood grouping.

Our products are available in different ready-to-use formats:
dropper bottle for routine diagnostics, bedside cards for confirmation tests or reagents for PK® instruments.

To IVD companies we offer our monoclonal antibodies in high concentration or in bulk.

Bacteriological test reagents

Are you looking for the serological confirmation of suspicious colonies?

sifin diagnostics gmbh offers a comprehensive line of specific test reagents for serotyping in clinical and veterinary diagnostics. Our tests are based on monoclonal antibodies. This leads to a strong and specific agglutination without cross reaction.

All our antibodies have been developed in-house and are manufactured in our company. Our products are offered as ready-to-use reagents in dropper bottles or as bulk to IVD companies.

Culture media


Culture media at first-hand

We are manufacturer for more than 250 different culture media and supplements in order to cultivate the microorganisms or specifically promote the growth of particularly fastidious species. Thus, you are optimally equipped for the analysis of veterinary or human samples. Special media for food, water, pharmaceutical products complete the portfolio.

Do you have a specific request? Or are you looking for a supplier of media based on your own formulation? We develop and produce according to your demand.



Detection of rabies virus

Our Monoclonal Anti-Rabies, FITC, is used for detection of rabies virus in impression smears from different sources. The direct immunofluorescence test can be used for the detection of rabies virus in brain tissues of animals and by virus isolation in cell cultures.

The product contains fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)-labelled monoclonal antibodies.

Monoclonal Anti-Rabies, FITC

  • Detection of rabies virus using the direct immunofluorescence technique
  • Conjugate based on FITC-labelled monoclonal antibodies
  • Sensitive detection of the classical rabies virus and bat-associated lyssaviruses, especially EBLV-1 and EBLV-2
  • Approved by the National Reference Laboratory for Rabies (FLI)

Monoclonal antibodies


The perfect combination of technology and antibody

Use your own technology combined with our antibodies.

We offer monoclonal antibodies for research or further use in your own technique.

Depending on your demand, we supply supernatant or purified antibodies.

In case you need a special coating for your application, just contact us.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • STEC-(VTEC) diagnostics
  • Capture antibody for IgM EIA
  • Specific antibodies against Salmonella
  • Specific antibodies against further pathogens
  • Specific antibodies for the detection of blood grouping antigens

Contract manufacturing


We meet your requirements

Benefit from our experience in core areas:

  • Use our blood grouping monoclonal antibodies, which we supply as concentrates for further manufacturing use
  • We share our know-how in the development and production of culture media with you and produce according to your formulation.
  • Our bacteriological test reagents for serotyping may be supplied as bulk reagents.

Our portfolio comprises:

We are in a position to manufacture monoclonal antibodies in almost every scale.

Our Portfolio for your cell line:

  • Optimisation of the performance of your clones
  • Cell line rescue in case of mycoplasma infection
  • Cell banking
  • Cell line storage
  • Process development up & down stream
  • Non-GMP and cGMP production for in-vitro diagnostics and R & D: monoclonal antibodies for further use.

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